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Join Our Mission as a Freshworks CRM Technical Consultant!

Title: CRM Technical Consultant - Freshworks CRM

Department: Solutions Consulting

Report To: Head of Solutions Consulting

Mission Overview: Welcome to the world of Freshworks, where your creative genius meets CRM technology! As our CRM Technical Consultant, you'll be the architect behind innovative CRM solutions, focusing on the Freshsales Suite. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to transform the way Sales & Marketing teams interact with technology. You'll be the maestro, conducting symphonies of data, strategies, and custom solutions that make our clients' hearts sing!

Your Epic Quests:

  • * Design groundbreaking CRM solutions that elevate Sales & Marketing performance.
  • * Customize and optimize the Freshsales Suite, making it a beacon of efficiency and innovation.
  • * Unravel and solve the Gordian knots of technical CRM challenges.
  • * Lead the charge in integrating CRM magic into business landscapes far and wide.

Your Magical Toolbox:

  • * You'll be the wizard of requirement analysis, conjuring up needs from the depths of business processes.
  • * A creator of bespoke CRM solutions, tailored to perfection.
  • * Guardian of data integrity within the realm of CRM systems.
  • * Collaborator extraordinaire, uniting IT and non-IT teams under one banner.
  • * Trainer and supporter, guiding end-users through the enchanted forest of Freshworks CRM.

Your Scroll of Qualifications:

class CRMTechConsultantJobDescription:

    def __init__(self):

        self.title = "CRM Technical Consultant"

        self.department = "Solutions Consulting"

        self.report_to = "Head of Solutions Consulting"

    def primaryObjectives(self):

        objectives = [

            "Integrate CRM solutions into business processes.",

            "Optimize and customize CRM platforms (Freshworks, Zendesk, etc.).",

            "Troubleshoot and resolve technical CRM issues.",

            "Develop and implement data migration and integration solutions."


        return objectives

    def keyResponsibilities(self):

        responsibilities = {

            'analyze_requirements': "Work with stakeholders to understand CRM needs.",

            'develop_solutions': "Design and develop customized CRM solutions.",

            'data_management': "Ensure data integrity and security within CRM systems.",

            'team_collaboration': "Collaborate with IT and non-IT teams for seamless CRM integration.",

            'training_support': "Provide training and support to end-users."


        return responsibilities

    def qualifications(self):

        qualifications = {

            'education': "As you are reading this, no worries, a highschool certificate or a Ph.D. will be treated equally.",

            'experience': "3+ years in CRM platform technical roles.",

            'skills': [

                "Strong programming skills (e.g., Python, JavaScript).",

                "Experience with CRM platforms (e.g., Freshworks, Zendesk).",

                "Knowledge of APIs, Architecture Patterns, and Design Patterns.",

                "Excellent problem-solving and communication skills."


            'languages': [

                "Fluent in Thai",

                "Comfortable with English reading and writing"


            'certifications': "CRM platform certifications (preferred)."


        return qualifications

    def workEnvironment(self):

        environment = {

            'location': "Thailand, Hybrid: Office and Remote",

            'team_structure': "Part of a cross-functional team.",

            'work_hours': "Full-time, with occasional need for overtime during project sprints."


        return environment

    def apply(self):

        print("Visit to apply")


        print("1. Upload your resume as Attachment")

        print("2. Use Subject field to state which role you wish to apply under Subject")

        print("3. Use Description field to describe your ideal job, and why this role is for you.")

# To apply, create an instance of your career and initialize it with your skills and experiences.

applicant = CRMTechConsultantJobDescription()


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